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Dr. Sony Singh, MD, ObGyn, is renowned for his expertise in minimally invasive hysterectomy alternatives, including the removal of deep, infiltrative endometriosis. He is also one of the leading experts in laparoscopic (keyhole) hysterectomy. Most importantly, he is the Medical Editor for The UnHysterectomy. Plus, this book has medical contributions from 13 doctors and gynecologists making it the most informative book available on the subject of hysterectomy alternatives. Read about the medical contributors -->

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With fast, free shipping, The UnHysterectomy arms you with less risky, less painful, less expensive hysterectomy alternatives that will solve your heavy menstrual bleeding and restore your energy, beauty and vitality. This doctor-approved, common sense primer on hysterectomy alternatives was written by a woman just like you, who's lived the nightmare of monthly bloodbaths and solved them without a single stitch or painkiller. Order your copy today -->

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Discover the choices you never thought you had to solve your heavy menstrual bleeding! This girlfriend-to-girlfriend guide gives information your gynecologist may not want you to know about hysterectomy alternatives. And, for you younger gals, it's possible you could save your uterus and still have babies! Browse the chapters to see what you will learn -->

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Dr. Sony Singh

When the medical system fails to advocate on behalf of patients, it takes a special individual to lead the charge that will bring about change. Holly Bridges is that special individual. Her enthusiasm, hard work, dedication and ability to communicate have led to this moment. Through her book, website and social networking, I believe we will see a discussion that is international and will lead to patient empowerment and healthcare accountability. About Dr. Sony Singh –>


I found out about Holly’s book through a colleague at work. When she first told me about it I couldn’t believe that such a book could even exist, never mind describe the EXACT situation I was in. I feel like I’m bleeding to death every single month; the blood just trickles down my legs and I have to stop wherever I am to either throw up or wait for the cramps to stop.  From the first moment I started reading The UnHysterectomy, I became very emotional and I started to cry. I thought I was completely alone and that no other woman could possibly be going through the hell I was.

Continue for Mazal and other reader’s reviews–>


“This is an excellent book, well researched and well written, and comprehensive with descriptions of the many conditions that are treated unnecessarily with hysterectomy by many gynecologists. I highly recommend this book.”

Read more about Dr. Parker’s ground-breaking research into ovary removal.–>


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Health Canada issued a warning today to Canadian hospitals following concerns that a device used during hysterectomies and myomectomies (fibroid removal surgery) could unknowingly spread cancer. The device, called a morcellator, is used by gynecologists to morcellate (cut into small pieces) fibroids or a uterus, rather than perform open abdominal surgery. Once morcellated, the tissue is […]

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